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Nov 4, 2021

Dean Edwards, International Coordinating Editor and executive producer does a follow-up on the Progressive movement. Then he talks about Sudan. People on the streets there are largely dissatisfied with both the coup and the ousted government. Then he talks about Populism in Sudan. Populism is a communications strategy with three steps. 1. Identify and build relationships with your audience to allow for effective engagement. 2. Detail effect of current events on specific people. 3 communicate about resources and solutions. Some people are identity first people and others are solutions first people. #ProgressiveMovement#populism#IdentityPolitics


Sally Gellert, Telecommunications and Media Services reports on New Jersey.  Successes. High vaccination rate, mail-in ballot election went smoothly, guaranteed sick leave of 40 hours annually for State workers, a minimum wage increasing to $15 per hour by 2024, a millionaire tax, environmental impacts on marginalized communities of construction projects, and decriminalization of marijuana. Yet, more needs to be addressed. #NewJersey 


John Harvey, Chief Information Officer reports on Facebook’s name change to Meta.  Meta being a holding company and, for example, Facebook being a product of Meta. Cautionary information about new VR headsets from Facebook. There was a lot of emphasis on holographic avatars during Zuckerberg’s presentation about Meta. #FacebookMeta#VR#HolographicAvatars


Mark Taylor-Canfield, Executive Director reports on arts and music in Seattle. History of the Seattle music scene since the 1960’s. Now for several years there has been displacement of low-income people including artists and musicians because of corporations purchasing and replacing large blocks of real estate for new construction for the use of corporations. Real estate prices and rents have skyrocketed. Seattle does not have any form of rent control or adequate protection for historic sites. Many artists and musicians have been evicted in this process. Several music venues and art galleries have been forced out. #SeattleArtsScene#SeattleGentrification 


Discussion follows. 


 Duration: 28:49   Recorded  10-28-21

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