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Dec 25, 2021

This discussion describes the concerns around 11-04-2021 shortly after the military coup took place in Khartoum and throughout Sudan. Adil is a journalist from that region. He says that a national government is difficult if not impossible because there are 5 major armies, many ethnic groups, and a tradition of being organized by localized tribal groups. He says that outside influences from Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Western powers play a major role in shaping events in Sudan. For example, Egypt does not want Sudan to use more Nile water that would come with development and The UAE is dangling money for control. Western powers are trying to support a transition back to civilian control and a more democratic governance based on a national governance. Duration: 1:14:00   Released: 2021-12-24 


 #SudanCoup #SudanJunta #SudanUprising


A link to the preceding report: 11-04-2021 Sudan Report

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