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Jun 3, 2020

Journalist/actor/musician Mark Taylor-Canfield talks about the inspiration behind his radio mystery drama series "Nick Savage Private Eye." MTC plays the role of Nick Savage, a Seattle private detective circa 1947. His culture jamming project is a tribute to all the old classic radio and film detectives including Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe, and other characters developed by authors Dashiell Hammett, Graham Greene, Mickey Spillane, Daymon Runyan, etc. Mark explains how his grandfather inspired his love for radio theater, film noir and detective mystery dramas, including Orson Welles as The Shadow. Recorded 2020-05-06. Duration 17:13


Mark Taylor-Canfield's private eye character is based on his novel "Nick Savage Private Eye." For more episodes of the Nick Savage radio detective series go to MTC's Youtube channel where you will find over 400 original videos including MTC's journalism, his guest appearances on the Jeff Santos Show, classic radio drama and films, animated political satire cartoons, and Mark's music videos!


Mark is the vocalist on a rock band called MTC & The Rebel Saints.


MTC is a weekly guest at the Jeff Santos Show.

All shows are archived at MTC's Youtube channel and you can listen live or to past shows at


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Mark is Executive Director for the news organization Democracy Watch News:


Check out MTC's interviews with interesting guests at the "Democracycast" podcast.


He blogs at Daily Kos, reports and serves as Executive Director and Contributing Editor for Democracy Watch News has been a guest columnist at The Capitol Hill Times. 

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