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May 18, 2016

  • The Yahya Jemmeh government has been in power since 1994 and many people feel it has become self-serving and no longer represents the interests of the people. There is now a concerted effort by the Gambian diaspora to partner with people inside Gambia who do not want a fifth term of Jemmeh. Poverty is a big impediment to democracy movements. Radio is powerful in Gambia. Some signals originate in France.




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Foday Darboe.


Ph.D. Candidate (Conflict Analysis & Resolution) @ NSU |Contributing Analyst @ Wikistrat (Africa Desk) |Say no to dictatorship|


Currently working on his dissertation on presidential term limits in Africa.


Sanna Camara. Gambian journalist in Dakar Senegal.


Twitter: @maimuhyai



Yusuf Taylor. A print and radio journalist residing in the U.K.. He is engaging the international commuinty, creating dialog among the diaspora in Europe about the Jemmeh government in Gambia, and focusing on the awakening democracy in Gambia and the Gambian Diaspora.