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Aug 31, 2016  
There is a crisis gripping America, one which affects approximately one out of every five Americans. It’s a crisis of debt, medical debt, which accumulates to over 100 billion dollars per year. RIP Medical Debt was established with a mission to purchase and abolish unpaid medical debt. With donated funds, RIP buys medical debt and abolishes it. No strings attached. And all through your help.
RIP Medical Debt, Inc., was founded in mid-2014 by two former collections industry executives, Craig Antico and Jerry Ashton. Having worked for decades in the medical field, the two were acutely aware of the number of Americans who shoulder the burden of unpaid medical debt, and the enormity of that debt. They also knew that they were uniquely qualified to help. Using their experience and connections within that world, they developed a strategy to aggressively tackle this scourge.
Essential to that strategy is the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations. With their donations, RIP searches out distressed medical debt in the collections industry and within the community of medical providers, including hospitals and medical practices, and offers to buy this debt. But, for pennies on the dollar, which is how RIP is able to make such a significant impact. $50 can buy as much as $5,000 in medical debt. $1,000,000 can buy $100 MILLION in debt!
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