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Nov 1, 2016

Ms B Jayashree, Head, Media Resource Centre at The M.S. Swaminathan Institute provides an introduction to perspectives and program outlines of the efforts she is involved in that support the role of women in Agriculture in India.

Jayashree is a development communication professional, her prior experience includes work with UNICEF and the Gates Foundation-TAI-VHS programme. Jayashree started her career as a journalist and was South India Bureau Chief with Aaj Tak and Headlines Today, the leading TV news networks of India Today, before moving to the development sector. With Masters in Journalism, Mass Communication as well as in Human Rights Law, she was recipient of the Chevening scholarship and the One World Broadcast Fellowship to the UK, besides the RNTC Fellowship at Netherlands for journalism and media. A recipient of the Rotary Award for Vocational excellence and Society magazine nominee for Journalist of the year, she is also member in professional and alumni bodies, a trainer in development journalism and CSR. Email:

M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation

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