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Reports from independent journalists and interviews with knowledgeable people covering the topics of independent journalists, democracy, human rights, press freedom, and journalism.

May 20, 2020

An archival report. Democracy Watch News Executive Director Mark Taylor-Canfield reports from Seattle on the 2018 primary election in the 9th congressional district of Washington State. 30 year old democratic socialist and berniecrat Sarah Smith challenged incumbent congressman Adam Smith for the Democratic Party’s...

May 17, 2020

Ever wonder what the staff of a news organization does on a daily basis? Welcome to the Democracy Watch News virtual newsroom! We describe our roles in the organization. Duration 24:23. Recorded 2020-01-15




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May 12, 2020

Special Archived Report From Togo -  50 Year Dictatorial Regime: Suppression of Press Freedom and Democracy. Farida Bemba Nabourema, a correspondent and activist from Togo, briefs Democracy Watch News on the lack of press freedom and democracy in her country. 


Duration 10:13. Recorded 2018-06-07




May 7, 2020

 In this archived report Mark Taylor-Canfield reports from Seattle. Seattle elections have strong support for the publicly financed option. Amazon flooded the current election by investing $1.5 million in Seattle City Council elections in 2019. Duration about 21:01. Recorded 2019-11-07


Amazon spends big in a publicly...

May 5, 2020

Special archived report from Ethiopia with Mohommed Ademo Amo about the Oromia state.   Oromo pride opinion piece. Oromo is the largest ethnic group with about ½ of the population of Ethiopia. Oromo region is about the size of Texas. They lack control over their affairs. The central government is in control. They...