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Jun 8, 2020

Mark Taylor-Canfield reports on the police riot occasioned by the opening of umbrellas at the police line on Monday June 1, 2020 in Seattle. Mayor Jenny Durkin is receiving requests to resign by citizens who feel that she is more interested in protecting and asserting her power than in listening and responding to concerned citizens. Peaceful protests are being met with pepper balls, concussion grenades, teargas, and rubber bullets. Clouds of teargas are seeping into residents homes. Police behavior toward peaceful protesters is drawing more and more citizens to the protests every day. Internationally the movement is growing. Protesting police violence is being referred to as either the Black Lives Matter or the George Floyd protests. 


Recorded 2020-06-04. Duration 1:00:59 


Protests across the globe 


Pink Umbrella becomes a symbol 


Officer Snatches Pink Umbrella 


Video of Confrontation 


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