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Dec 19, 2021

Dean Edwards begins by sharing his experience of listening to Sudanese voices in Twitter spaces. We must match the tone of our reporting with the tragedies that have plagued Sudan for so long. His related article in LinkedIn


Next, from Toronto Babajide Alao who works with which strives to provide voice to people throughout Africa without the control of African governments whose censorsoring, intimidating, murdering, and imprisoning of journalists makes this very difficult in Africa. Nigeria is number one in Africa for danger to Journalists. For example, they tried to kill a lady that recorded with her phone on Instagram the military firing live ammo at citizens. Killing dozens of civilians at a peaceful protest. October of 2020 protest at Lekki Expressway Tollgate. Peaceful young people holding the Nigerian flag were murdered by the military killing dozens.

2020 Lekki shooting - Wikipedia › wiki › 2020_Lekki_shooting


Daugembassytv is based outside Africa in Canada to escape control and protect journalists. They use multiple media outlets to get their message out. For example, they have over 50,000 followers on Facebook  They are also on Instagram , YouTube , and LinkedIn . Africa currently gets very little media attention in the world. 


Babajide describes one of their initiatives to assist incarcerated youth in Africa. The Dream Again Prison and Youth Foundation which provides training and education to those youths.


Babajide also describes the horrific conflict happening in Cameroon World Report 2021: Cameroon | Human Rights Watch › 2021 › country-chapters › came…


A discussion followed of how Daughembassytv and Democracy Watch News might collaborate. Recorded 2021-11-2. Duration 43:15


This, our second report on Sudan was preceded by our first 11-04-2021 Sudan Report .




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