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Mar 5, 2020

Continuing an interview with radio theater personality Tom Lopez, known on-air as Meatball Fulton. He is a creator of ZBS media which has created and published audio theater since 1970. 

Interviewed on 2020-02-13. Duration 43:36. Mark Taylor-Canfield - a long-time fan of the genre interviews Tom. Listener feedback.

Radio Drama's Leading Man, Still Adventuring : NPR

May 8, 2016 - Radio drama is in the midst of a resurgence. And producer Tom Lopez, who's been working from his upstate New York ... Lopez began his radio career in the early 1960s, when razor blades ... Listeners knew him as Meatball Fulton, an alter ego he still uses in his ZBS podcast ... You know, that kind of thing.

Current Article on Tom Lopez Mentions he worked with Yoko Ono:

In Praise of the Sony PCM-F1 - Audiophile Review

Dec 31, 2012 - Often purchased with Sony's SL-2000 VCR recorder, the PCM F1/SL-2000 system was the first portable, affordable, digital recording system. Although bulky by today's standards, the two pieces 

shared a rechargeable battery system that made it possible to actually record in the field without AC power.

Ruby Galactic Private Eye Series -


                               A quick demonstration of binaural recording technique.


                               Listen To A Binaural 3D Recording With Video -


Mark Taylor-Canfield’s electronic music tracks are available at his website and Youtube channel. This experimental music video is called "Ruby 3" and is based on a character from the ZBS Productions science fiction series of the same name. Ruby is a galactic gumshoe (private detective).

MTC’s website:

MTC’s Youtube Channel:


We also discuss Binaural Audio

What is Binaural Audio, with sources

The Best Albums Recorded in Binaural Audio

Throwing away ancient wisdom, painting with sound and ...

Mar 8, 2010 - For four decades, Thomas Lopez, also known as Meatball Fulton, ... In America, they generally would call it “audio theater,” but it was ... We did start off in 1972 with the very first, The Fourth Tower of ... He was more of a standard protagonist of radio fiction early on, but what has he developed into over time?

ZBS in 3D Sound Tom Lopez - Apple Podcasts

3D sound experience. ... Fulton demonstrates Fritz by playing a 3D thunderstorm, and Episodes 1 & 2 of 3D radio series, “Fat Cats.” PLAY; 30 min. 31 JUL 2017.


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