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Nov 8, 2021

An introduction by Dean Edwards, International Coordinating Editor for Democracy Watch news followed by a presentation by Numairy a BBC journalist and Dr. Mohammed Hassan El Mahdi an internal medicine Resident in Sudan. Numairy starts with a review of the deadly Sudanese revolution from 2018. Chaos in the last 5 years. Then Mohammed provides additional information on the revolution and the current state of affairs.  Duration  39:41 


The dynamic power in the streets and regions of Sudan, from the Sudanese people inspires the continent & the world, by Dean Edwards, for @ekoskaiphos @dwatchnews_mena 



 #SudanCoup #SudanJunta #SudanUprising


Then a report by John Harvey, our Chief Information Officer and Chief International correspondent on the history of telecommunications going back to the 1700’s. It includes information about Facebook becoming a product of a holding company called Meta.  



Then a report by Mark Taylor-Canfield, our Executive Director. Mark details the outcome of the recent Seattle elections. Progressive candidates, lots of outside money, some stark differences in some candidates.,_Washington_(2021) 



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