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Long Haul Mutual Aid Kitchen Seattle

Apr 22, 2022

Cat and Kirsten describe and answer questions about Seattle’s Mutual Aid Kitchens that provide free quality food to needy people in several neighborhoods. 
Their philosophy is that high quality food should be free for people without the means to afford it. They accomplish that with donations and volunteers. They...

Mar 5, 2022

Dean Edwards reports on hybrid warfare as is happening in Ukraine. Disinformation and misinformation terms are explained.


He also recommends these resources for self governance: John Locke’s writing, Second Treatise on Civil Government. and Locke a very...

Jan 6, 2022

12-16-21 Staff reports from Democracy Watch News. Dean Edwards provides more information about the News Services’ design and the aspiration of becoming a comprehensive world news provider. #DemocracyWatchNews#GlobalNewsProviders

Mark Taylor-Canfield reports on the current recall election for Seattle City Council...