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Jul 16, 2022

Democracy Movements Report—Integrated-Media Production for the Digital Age. Host @dwatchnews #DemocracyWatchNews with @digitallywired John Harvey & @ekoskaiphos Dean Edwards.John Harvey reports on the increasingly sophisticated immersive virtual 3D experiences that are now available.  The 2020 release of the Oculus Quest headset for $299 by Meta was a big boost for an immersive 3D experience in the Metaverse. The technology is now evolving to blend augmented and virtual reality. For example, . Avatars that look like you are very easy to generate now. John thinks that within a year or so VR projects will be able to rather inexpensively create animated films that rival the expensive technology that is now required. There are now many AltspaceVR events that you can attend. They also are looking for volunteers to help produce events. Dean Edwards continues by describing Twitter Spaces The projects that John is most involved with now is and . Duration: 1:08:23 Recorded: 2022-06-07


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