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Nov 12, 2019

Keep it in the Ground now means to cut pollution not just at the smoke stacks or exhaust pipe but to greatly reduce resource extraction that is on the supply side of those emissions. Duration 00:54:20. Archival recorded on 2016-07-16. Pollution control activism to date has put more energy into the former rather than the latter. To keep the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees it will be necessary to keep about 80% of the remaining fossil fuels in the ground. Taking the steps to accomplish this on any necessary scale has not begun. When will it begin? The U.S. holds the world record in carbon emissions and has more financial means than other countries. The U.S. could be the leader. This would be more likely to begin on public lands at the Federal level. First, end new leasing of oil and gas deposits on public lands. A President has the authority to stop new leases; as does Congress. It has been proposed during the Obama Administration but not yet acted upon. With 6 months left in that Administration it had leased over 10 million acres. Meanwhile, educational efforts are underway along with lease challenges, legal proceedings, and protests. The Federal government has not yet done a climate change impact estimate for these sales. In response to protests at public auctions, the government has moved sales to online only and shortened the time it takes for bids to be awarded. Unable to attend auctions, engaged citizens began showing up at the BLM offices near the lease sites. Feedback to:


2 minute video explains the problem and outlines the solution. 



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