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Apr 22, 2022

Cat and Kirsten describe and answer questions about Seattle’s Mutual Aid Kitchens that provide free quality food to needy people in several neighborhoods. 
Their philosophy is that high quality food should be free for people without the means to afford it. They accomplish that with donations and volunteers. They believe that quality food access should be on a level with water and housing. Food is distributed once a week with donations from participating food vendors. About 40% of food in the United States is tossed out. Dairy products tossed out are still good for a week or a two. Sometimes vendors will toss canned food and good dry goods. Duration 33:28  Recorded  2021-03-25


About Mutual Aid Kitchens: 


They are also known as Food Not Bombs 

One way to donate money to this project is through their Patreon page. 




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