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Feb 10, 2020

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle. In November 1999, tens of thousands of people filled Seattle’s streets to protest the World Trade Organization. For an entire week, the whole world watched as grassroots activists, labor, environmentalists, farmers, anarchists, and artists made history. Recorded 2019-11-21. Duration: 15:24. Our guests Jill Freidberg and Mark Taylor-Canfield were there. 


Jill Friedberg Screening WTO Anniversary NW Film Forum

This Is What History Looks Like: Archival Footage from the 1999 WTO Protests

1999 Seattle WTO protests  Wikipedia 

This is What Democracy Looks Like  Purchase the Documentary 


Jill Freidburg. Award winning documentary editor in Seattle, Washington.  Seattle Independent Media Center


Award winning documentary editor in Seattle, Washington

Some of Jill’s video productions

Jill Freidberg / Corrugated Film   

Movie Database

Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound

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