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Oct 30, 2023

I'm Roberto Diaz. I'm the coordinator editor for Democracy Watch News Latin America with a new report about the upcoming Mexican election on June 2nd of 2024 that will elect for the first time a female president of Mexico. This is something without precedent and can help to develop what is going to be the Mexican internal and external policy during the coming six years. So this is something great. This is something good. We have to understand that 2024 will be a definitive year for Mexico's political life. 2024 Mexican general election


    The first candidate comes from the Morena party. It is the party that was launched by the current president Andres Manuel Obrador or AMLO, as he is famously known here in Mexico. She is Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, who became the first female governor of Mexico City. She is a physicist with a specialization in green energy development and the founder of social justice efforts, especially crimes against women. She recently won Morena's internal poll to become their next candidate. If the USA wants to keep the New Green Deal, she is the best for the Democrats in Washington. Claudia Sheinbaum has developed a close relationship with the Energy Secretary of Mexico, Rocío Nález. to strengthen the position of green energies in Mexicano. She shows herself as a progressivist, a social democrat, and part of Mexico's  left wing. Claudia Sheinbaum started in  2000 as the Secretary of Environment of the Federal District during the government of Lopez Obrador and as the Mexico City mayor. From there, in 2015, she became the delegation chief of Tlalpan, a city of neighborhoods in Mexico City. It's similar to the mayoralty down in the US. Then, unfortunately, in 2017, a private school collapsed during the Mexico City earthquake, killing 26 people in total. 19 of them were children. As a member of the Tlalpan delegation,Sheinbaum was accused of being responsible for this incident. Although the school director was sent to prison, after it was revealed that the school didn't have permission to build more floors. Nonetheless, Claudia Sheinbaum won the election for the Mexico City Regency in 2018. During her administration, the Mexico City Cable Bus was built and launched for Mexico City citizens. Also in close work with the governor of Mexico state, Alfredo del Mazo-Mazza, they created a strategy to put COVID-19 detection centers in every delegation and neighborhood. Unfortunately, in 2021, the Mexico City light train Linea 12 collapsed. The political opposition blamed Claudia for that, although a thorough investigation showed that the problems of the line weren't because of lack of maintenance, as the media pointed out, but because of construction deficiencies. The line was built in 2012 by a series of construction companies owned by Mexico's rich man, Carlos Slim Tesis. Twenty-two people died in the event, and the millionaire decided to make reparations to the families and rebuild the old structure for free. The investigations are still in process. During the presidential visit to a welfare bank branch in Mexico City, AMLO was seen with Claudia. And to the eyes of all watchers, the president raises her hand into the sky. Political analysts like Denis Dresdner and Sergio Sarmiento still believe that was the definitive moment in which Claudia Sheinbaum was picked by AMLO to be his successor. In 2021, Claudia started to walk Mexico City streets in what was expected to be, what we call here in Mexico, an advanced campaign act. These are illegal, I have to say. In 2022 and 2023, she started to support Morena candidates for the governor election. And so she visited those states, building support from the Morena party members, at the same time she painted walls with the legend "Es Claudia" in several states, as well as plenty of banners.


The other candidate is Berta Xochiti Galvez Ruiz, or Xochiti Galvez as she likes to be known, labeling herself as an indigenous heritage, well, she has indigenous heritage candidate. She's an indigenous heritage candidate. Xochiti has become a recent social media phenomenon. Her simple speech tries to appeal to major sectors of the Mexican population, although with some elitist remarks, as she quotes, for example, infamously, that southern Mexicans don't like to work eight hours shift because it isn't part of their culture, as well as putting an end to some of the welfare programs, like the for young students. So, she'll appear as the reaction of the Mexican political opposition bloc, an alliance of three different parties. The National Action Party, or FAN in Spanish. This party is conservative and right-wing. And then we have the Institutional Revolution Party, or PRI in Spanish. The PRI used to be a center party or a nationality. Nationalist Party, but right now it's a neoliberal party, and the Revolutionary Institution Party, or PRD in Spanish. This is a center-left party. She came from a poor municipality in the State of Hidalgo. Her grandfather was an Ottoman speaker native. She tells the story of how she used to sell jellies to pay for her studies in computational systems engineering in the UNAM. This is one of the most renowned, let's say the most famous university in Mexico. She was an active member of the Mexican Communist Party and labeled herself as a trustee. Although, she had a 180 degree ideological shift when she was picked by Mexico's president in the year 2000. During her time working in the delegation for development in indigenous settlements, Xochiti used her connections to give some public contracts to her husband. This is illegal in Mexico. We are talking about 17 contracts. In 2015, she became the Miguel Hidalgo delegate in Mexico City. In her administration, the crime in the delegation increased by 30%. She ended the scholarship to young students and sports players. She used her position in the Miguel Hidalgo to once again give public contracts to her company during Enrique Peña Nieto's presidential administration. And then during the first years of the AMLO administration, she reprimanded the president for canceling her contract. In 2018, Xochiti Galvez became a senator for the National Action Party, where she became one of the most antagonistic and vocal against AMLO's administration.


Recorded: 2023-09-30   Duration: 25:13


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