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Reports from independent journalists and interviews with knowledgeable people covering the topics of independent journalists, democracy, human rights, press freedom, and journalism.

Oct 16, 2021

This week we have three reports. First Dean Edwards, our International Coordinating Editor discusses the history and proper usage of the term “progressive” which grew out of the greater reconstruction period to address the need for good governance. This encompassed  the concentration of State powers, corporate governance, transparency, and public health and safety. Next, John Harvey, our Chief Information Officer and North American Chief International Correspondent begins a series detailing the history of telecommunications’ effect on human behavior. He talks about technological opportunities including virtual reality and also the technological harm we are experiencing. Lastly, Mark Taylor-Canfield our Executive Director and Editor for press freedom details the threats to journalists around the world that includes murders (80% unprosecuted), and imprisonment. He also describes the centralized control of the media in the United States. 


Committee to Protect Journalists   Reporters without Borders 


Following these reports is a short segment touching on a few other topics by Democracy Watch News staff.


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