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Jan 6, 2022

12-16-21 Staff reports from Democracy Watch News. Dean Edwards provides more information about the News Services’ design and the aspiration of becoming a comprehensive world news provider. #DemocracyWatchNews#GlobalNewsProviders

Mark Taylor-Canfield reports on the current recall election for Seattle City Council...

Dec 25, 2021

This discussion describes the concerns around 11-04-2021 shortly after the military coup took place in Khartoum and throughout Sudan. Adil is a journalist from that region. He says that a national government is difficult if not impossible because there are 5 major armies, many ethnic groups, and a tradition of being...

Dec 19, 2021

Dean Edwards begins by sharing his experience of listening to Sudanese voices in Twitter spaces. We must match the tone of our reporting with the tragedies that have plagued Sudan for so long. His related article in LinkedIn

Dec 7, 2021

Monday, May 03, 2021 was World Press Freedom Day. It is an annual event held on May 03 each year.


In 1993, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 3 May as World Press Freedom Day following a recommendation adopted at the twenty-sixth session of UNESCO's General Conference in 1991. It serves as an occasion to inform...

Nov 8, 2021

An introduction by Dean Edwards, International Coordinating Editor for Democracy Watch news followed by a presentation by Numairy a BBC journalist and Dr. Mohammed Hassan El Mahdi an internal medicine Resident in Sudan. Numairy starts with a review of the deadly Sudanese revolution from 2018. Chaos in the last 5 years....