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Jun 14, 2020

Pink Umbrella Riot update by Mark Taylor-Canfield in Seattle on June 11. On Monday June 8th the Police Department removed valuables, boarded up, and evacuated the East Precinct headquarters as a deescalation technique. Demonstrations in that area had been ongoing for a couple of weeks.The civil occupation, also referred to as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, has continued with rally's, teach-ins,and speeches. Wikipedia. So far it has not been damaged. June 14 Update. USA Today

Mark reports that 15,000 complaints of police misconduct were filed during the two weeks prior to the occupation. There have been many false narratives, some extreme, being published by some media outlets. What It Is Like in the Autonomous Zone-NPR

The Truth About Seattle Autonomous Zone - A View From Inside by Mark Taylor-Canfield

Recorded 2020-06-11   Duration  45:43


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